Take an onion and a chilli, a big pack of linguine;

Pancetta and Parmesan cheese, tinned tomatoes for ease;

For a meal fit for a Queen: add wine by the tureen.

Slice the vegetables finely, with butter and olive oil kindly;

Fry the onion until golden brown; add pancetta and pipe down;

For a minute or two; then add tomatoes, chilli and pepper too;

Mix them up gamely; salt a pan of water sanely;

Leave the sauce for twenty; the linguine al dente;

Drain cooked pasta, mix sauce and pasta together! Faster!

Add mass sledgings of Parmesan,

Bon appetit, madam.

©DJA 2016

NB. Add Pecorino too, but I always forget to buy it; also sorry! – Pitch’


From 100 Word Recipes!