Oh my word, thank God we’re home!

When we resumed our normal lives,

‘I can’t believe we made it back,

In one piece, nay still alive!’


We’d just got back from Purgatory,

A fortnight’s trip to Hell.

A disastrous family holiday.

All did not go well.


We thought it best to quickly restore,

Balance to the chaos around,

We knew what to do and what it would take,

And neither need make a sound.


We’ve been joined quite a long time,

We know each other well,

We knew what it’d take to recover,

From our very near miss with Hell.


We played five games of chances:

I beat him three to two,

Then he thrashed me at Trivial Pursuit,

Like I always expect him to.


So one all’s the score and the final game,

It’s Scrabble and numbers and words.

I always seem to thrash him,

With something usually absurd.


He panics from the off, he makes up new rules*.

I nod and calmly comply.

Because he’s a gent, I always go first.

I swear I don’t even have to try.


The word I was given was Zingers.

I knew just what to do.

I placed them slowly one by one.

I scored a hundred and two.

©CMA 2016

*Greek rules: if the word kinda looks like ancient Greek then it’s allowed – Pitch’

Result = He readily agrees to any random word I ask about right from the off 😉 – Rubber



Bawdy Bards!