Find the one who makes it all right,

Prepare to witness it all,

Share all of life’s lessons, the good and the bad,

Live your life, get your backs off the wall!

The space, the time; to laugh and to rhyme,

Together on the shore; for eternity, good company; free of furor.

Enjoying the dawn, to the deep setting sun;

Breathing fresh air, exhaling all care; with the Nun: having fun.

 ‘Twas worth the wait and the price we did pay,

For the peace and love we do share,

Not much can breach the walls we have built,

Only the Strongest and Wisest should dare.

 Don’t fret, pet: life need not be battle;

It is for living, not prodded like cattle.

Imagine the sea: the endless possibility; the echoes of what could be.

Dreams are in technicolour, no space for bland sour.

You speak in strange riddles, what couldst thou mean?

Echoes and colours and space?

You’re saying there’s more than meets the eye.

More to the human race?

Riddles to some; enlightenment to come? Or simply the ravings of a mad man.

We are what we are, from bright smile to scar; the future has no master plan.

Make what you want; create, don’t stunt; let colours grow forth from everywhere.

Find serenity within and spread it herein; and enjoy your years with flamboyant flair.

Speaking of flair, remember the day,

We shone like the morning star?

Bright were my locks, a new Ark on your arm,

Who knew what had followed from afar?

You looked stunning, my dear; so glorious, so near;

All apart from a slight flaw; it stuck in your craw:

Your flip-flops were shit.

Even called by so by some wit; an amusing and random encounter with a twit. Cooo-eeee!

I chuckled aloud at your words and the jolt,

Of a memory still loud and clear,

A welcome respite, thanks to flip-flops most shite,

The echoes still far and near.

That is the alchemy: love, laughter and memory.

Vodka and cranberry, green tea enjoyed to sea shanty;

Sharing small objects of delight,

Everything feeling just right.

What do you do with a drunken sailor,

Early in the morning?

You offer a dew drop from Min’s mighty sword,

Licked off when the day is just dawning.

There’s probably only so much we should dare, to share,

Here comes the curtain, arrival most certain; modesty in full repair.

Here we must leave you, please enjoy the scenic sea-view;

The veal is also quite nice.


© CMA (The Happy-ish Rubber Superior) and DJA (The Absolutely Ecstatic Pitchforkin’) 2016



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