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Mummers Tales – The Serpent (100 Word Story #37)

Mummers Tales

Hiss! I am the Serpent! I poison all that I deserve;

Boo? Hiss! I care not for your woes, guilt serves best in reserve.


Bring me sweet things, bring me gold rings;

Bring unto me your everythings.

Lest I slither and slide,

Right up to your side,

Bite and deride.


Hiss! I am a villain and I care not who knows;

I dress in scales, not a shepherd’s clothes.


Gift me what you hold, gift me what makes you happy;

Gift me what is valueless but intensely costly,

Lest I sneak and take,

Envious anger awake,

I am a snake.

Words and pics: ©DJA 2016.



From the Compendium of One Hundred Word Stories



2 thoughts on “Mummers Tales – The Serpent (100 Word Story #37)

  1. The great cosmic divide is brought out fresh in a chronic narrative that dethrones the forces of darkness. I in my quest for finding meaning have tried to follow it but only have become disillusioned. You have forced my to rethink my roots of spirituality. Anand Bose from Kerala

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    1. Disillusionment is understandable; finding the genuine nugget of value in things and people rather than the perceived economic/social/etc worth that becomes harder as the world changes. As we all drown in the incoherency of modern life; the shouts for help become almost impossible to distinguish. I have a 100 word story on one instance that happened on holiday recently which I really should write.

      The world becomes a lot easier when you find solace in companionship, tales and stories and people of like mind. It makes for a better starting place to be somewhere you are wanted.

      Ultimately; like most things, with or without religion, it comes down to the individual: who do you want to be? I don’t mean visualise it and it’ll happen, that’s not quite how it works in reality as most people know. Knowing where you are and where you’re going and altering the tracks is a hard thing to do; but not impossibility for most of us.

      Time is always of the essence and in the time we’re gifted we should use it wisely. In Tolstoy’s What Man Lives By, the answer to the question, ‘what does man think he has but does not?’ is time.

      Perhaps we all live a little too much (or a little too little) and our perspectives become warped; digressing away like a Mandlebrot, ever expanding but becoming ever smaller at the same time. Losing sight is really easily done. But in all things, you have to get up and try again; what else are we as human beings supposed to do?

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