9y8fjmzThe chill of December made the Bees shiver, it was almost time to hibernate. The Queen Bee was gorging herself on jelly, nectar and cake. Robin the Town Crier and the majestic Stag (although not quite as majestic as Her Maj’) had popped past as she had a mouth full of royal jelly.

“Warning! Warning! Winter is here! Warning!” chirped Robin. “We know that you buffoon!” the Queen angrily replied, sending jelly flying everywhere.

It was winter and time for sleep; her daughters had flown away so she made her a new home in the snug attic of the farmhouse.



The Queen slept right through January, warm and comfy in the loft of the farmhouse. Tony the cocky Rooster had yelled when the sun came up; but she was oblivious, lost in her dreams.

The Queen of the Bees,

Dreams of the trees,

What a lovely home!

O now she’s alone,

In her dreams dancing,

With Captain Buzzsov prancing,

The lovely Royal Jelly,

Gave a rounded belly!

The Queen dreamed on; her daughters were laughing and flying around her and for some reason there was a Bull there with a hat on and a piece of paper in his mouth.



The Lamb and Sheep were grazing in the green fields, but February was still too cold for Her Majesty, the Queen Bee. So she slept on; luckily, she had eaten so much that she still wasn’t hungry before snoozing!

Pollen on the flowers,

The boring April showers,

The drunken stumbling Bees,

Jack losing with ease!

The hazy summer days,

The industrious spring daze,

Soon it is time,

To wake from rhyme!

The Queen Bee’s alarm went off. She looked at it with sleepy eyes. It was still February! Time for another wonderful doze, Oh at least another month or two!

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