She walks the streets at night,

Offending sensibilities by dim black light,

By candle lamp at night,

Trying to keep out of all men’s sight.

To leers and suggestion she pass,

Strange men steeped in alcohol verbally harass,

Stand in her way as she pass,

Lewd mouths broad with suggestive trespass.

‘O Queen of the night your timing is true.’

The words did spill out in drunkenly spew.

‘We have the money to pay for you.’

She did make a decision of repentance and rue.

She walked on through dark,

To gin house palace clasping gold monarch.

Her body daubed with mark,

Her mind subdued to caustic remark.

Sad Sal did walk the street,

For money and company to make end meet;

Sad Sal blistered her feet,

To drown her sorrow in whisky glow heat.



From The Rogues’ Gallery



© DJA 2016

Cover: Magdalene with the Smoking Lamp by Georges de La Tour