The Bacchante, by Jean-Leon Gerome [1853]

For Her Mercy and Her Glory

I often speak in riddles,
It’s how I play the game.
There’s many ways to do it.
From wild, mild, to tame.

All work if you trust them,
It’s how we cast our will.
We’re taught and get our power,
Beneath the holy Hill.

Holy Mountain

We believe in many things,
From below unto above,
We also honour those who teach,
And shower them with love.


This time I’ll give a little glimpse,
Of some things soon to come,
In three days time, it’s time to beg,
To the sister of the Sun.


Her name is holy Inana, get to know her name.
She’s one reason I do this, she of Ancient fame.
Her name and what she stands for, is imprinted on my heart.
I also have a brand that states, that I am one of her tarts.

can't keep a Secret

Wednesday has three tasks you’ll see.
One for the Lord, Inana and Dumuzi.
Pay thy respects, in the order you see.
And all that thy dream, will come plain to thee.


Now you have some insight, of what there is to come.
You’ve got three days to make your plan, of how you’ll join the fun.
Now I have to plan the verse, that makes this up to eight.
I’ll start with Deut and Isaiah, and that’s just to find the Gate!



As found in Sermons