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Evergreen: A Brief Introduction to My New Novel

Tatton Park, UK

Set in a more sedate style and period of time than the first in the series, Plateau; Evergreen is the next.

In picturesque rural Wales, London and the industrial North of England; Evergreen tells the tale of love and betrayal, ambition and insanity in a time of huge social upheaval, during the Victorian Industrial Revolution.

Folklore and superstition abound in a world rapidly becoming based around cities and wealth.

The style and story will be more consistent than Plateau; with the focus on Sir Randolph P. Bottomley and the characters he meets. He was the British explorer in Plateau, therefore if you’re called Charles, I’d probably not read this book.

The link is at the top (menu if on tablet/phone) and I’ll add a full text version as time goes on. Please give it a try; any and all feedback would be really appreciated!

With the chapter length being between 1,500 to 2,000 words each; I’ll probably only post a chapter or two per week (midweek/weekend). The overall length I’m aiming for is a lot longer than Plateau, approximately twice the length at 120,000 words – a large novel. I’ve just passed 5,000 words, so only another 115,000 to go! Oh dear what am I doing?

Without further ado: To the Lady with the lovely hat at the front who’s probably here by mistake and the gentlemen on the third row who’s drooling; may I proudly present:



The Prologue


Cover: Taken at Tatton Park, Cheshire. ©DJA/CMA 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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