Learn thy Nature, find thy place.


This is a fun picture, taken by one of our flock during one of Summer’s full moons a few years back. The battery was running low in the camera, hence the fuzziness (it was also midnight and in a churchyard, so unusual lighting and shadows). I’ll regale you in a moment as to the reasons behind it. I enjoy looking at it because in my Mind’s Eye, I see several Nuns scattered around in various states of ‘worship’. All illusions because of the dodgy exposure, but ‘there’ nonetheless. Looking back through my scribblings, I realise now that this visit was a month or two before a further visit to Wales, regarding a ‘Pilgrimage’ to Winifred’s Well  at Holywell. The picture was taken a few minutes before the stroke of midnight. It was at the entrance to the Churchyard next door to Gladstone’s Library in North Wales. Found via a happy accident during one of our Gatherings.


The Statue standing in the rear grounds of the library is of Sophia. The four stone markers between the four pathways read: Truth, Love, Justice and Peace in Welsh and English. I’m sure the goddess bars the way not without meaning.



The library is a treasure trove for Witches and Worshippers alike. There’s a fascinating row dedicated to ancient Egyptian spells, detailing curses, blessings etc. (the Talismans and clay palms were most illuminating), these books felt very old. More pine cones will have to be ‘borrowed’ from the forest after some initial reading. So many blessings do they bring, so many secrets they hold within. I shall share my harvest with you as soon as I have written it.

Deuteronomy XXIX

28 The secret things belong unto the LORD our God; but the things that are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law.

There are centuries old ‘family books’ standing almost three feet tall, it is quite possible to get thy daily exercise by merely following three family trees per day. One of the flock near fainted with delight when stumbling across a Llewelyn hoard, she muttered something about Sempringham and Wencillan and that was the last we saw of her for the rest of the stay, so lively is her passion for Justice and Truth.

The amount of Historical and Religious literature is staggering to behold. One of the flock remarked how he wished he could be tasked with reading every book therein. By the peace that fell on his face whilst he stood there imagining it, I knew it was not a passing comment, it was a genuine desire. So overwhelmed was he, it took all the strength he had to pick up one mere book and collapse into a burnt orange overstuffed armchair, the comfiest armchair he’d ever been in I’m sure, the soft light overhead casting a sunset glow over the pages he read. The book in his hand a dusty tome from centuries past, the subject philosophy; the subject of minds. He should have been at Peace as the scene was perfect, but alas, the timing was wrong. A lesson for me about Love. Half Bad, Half God indeed.


Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” – Aristotle

Before man can be redeemed his nature must become feminine. Man stands for positive action, while woman is the symbol of passivity. The idea of power is generally associated with active energy, but it requires a stronger will to refrain from action that to act. Therefore is woman’s sphere above that of man, and her kingdom must come before man realizes his true nature.

Hidden Treasures of the Ancient Qabalah


Take thy Time, but don’t delay.

Watch for signs, learn to play.