The bull was already in a bad mood and when he finally realised he’d been had by those trickster ravens, he was livid.

They’d convinced him to wear Daisy the donkey’s hat which was made to look like a  gigantic yellow sunflower. The ravens had said it was for, what was it now? He was too angry to think straight. He stomped the ground and started pacing.

The town drunk, stumbled haphazardly down the lane.  Through the drunken haze he managed to notice a large bunch of bright red poppies lying by someone’s gate. He decided they would be a decent enough peace offering for when he told the missus he’d blown this week’s rent on gambling. He swiped them and marched off down the lane.

When he got to the farmer’s gate, he noticed that Daisy the donkey was in the middle of the field pacing about. He decided to ‘borrow’ her for a quick ride home. He scrambled over the gate waving the bright red poppies above his head. This was turning into a great day!

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