No, no! Keep your parole. Either surrender or don’t surrender.

He doubled up the manuscript and stuffed it between the bars of the drain. It fell with a plop into the water below.

Vicisti. O aspidistra!

George Orwell, Keep the Aspidistra Flying


Wherever you go, no matter what happens in the world someone somewhere always has the overwhelming urge to say “IT’S JUST LIKE 1984“. And there goes Orwell spinning away again. Poor chap.

Please stop. If you must mangle Orwell, put some effort in – do it with gusto and a devil may care attitude.

For example:

Onto an explanation of a phenomena I called the freedom/slavery axis of victory (Fig. 1.1). Also comes with a diagram; so I’m pushing the boat right out for this one. Plus another chance to savage the memory of poor Orwell. He knows I love him really.

Fig. 1.1. The Freedom – Slavery Axis of Victory (c) Angry Farmer – Like anyone is daft enough to steal this and use it somewhere. Get a haircut, hippy.

Everyone is at some point within these two circles. Genius, I know, but do let me continue.

In life we face huge pressures, burdens, anxieties and general time consuming activities that force us to become preoccupied by an overbearing issue or two. Let’s call these either the far left or far right hand side of the circles (Slavery!). As an issue fades in significance, which it often does, you slip backwards to where the circles bisect (Freedom!). Pulled inexorably towards equilibrium.

If the point where you sit is within the freedom sweet spot; life has a certain balance. Congratulations! Some people are lucky enough to remain within this area continually. Happy and content and completely in control of themselves and their destinies. Lucky buggers.

Alas, most of us are flung around like rag dolls from one side to the other. Anyway, sooner or later; if not even beginning earlier, during the slow slide back to the middle, another big glaring thing will consume your thoughts and energy. And so off you fly towards the other side of the twin circles in the Venn diagram of doom.

However, it’s recognising when you are sat in the middle, between two issues, both pulling with the same low force. It is at this point, you can get off. Jump off the roller-coaster and away you go. You can actually be free; sort of, for a bit. Possibly.

Unfortunately, for some of us, that window is short and takes some time to recognise, lest when you try and get off, you mangle yourself on the edge of the circle. Now there’s an analogy I’d never thought I’d use. Nor makes sense.

Yes, that kind of colourful effort. Now tell me which is better; that, or “IT’S JUST LIKE 1984“. Before you answer, mine has a chart.

Shut up.

©DJA 2018