Straight to the nitty gritty;
Let’s learn a couple of tricks.
We’ll start with direct action,
With mischief thrown into the mix.

An easy one to start with;
We’ll teach you how to stall.
With little time and effort,
You’ll start to learn them all.

Here’s a quick one that’s easy to learn;
And I’ll give you a little teaser;
It’s as easy as writing their name on a page,
And popping them into the freezer.

Soon enough they’ll start to get cold,
Crystals starts to form.
They’ll come sluggish, burdened, slow in their walk;
They’ll crawl as they try to keep warm.

The coldness increases, unable to walk;
Their feet: they are stuck to the floor.
The spell is complete, the task it is done;
They’re frozen and vex you no more.

©CMA 2018

Found in Old Wives’ Tales