‘Come on over, Come on over. Take a chance, spin the wheel!’

‘No Sir, fortune blesses the brave and you seem like a broad shouldered chap. You must have seen action Sir, please let me slap your back.’

‘You haven’t? Oh well, I am taken a-back. You do carry yourself with such a comforting demeanor – of an army officer I presumed – not the earthy wisdom of the downtrodden cleaner! Now, how about using that brawny arm to spin the wheel. $2 for the chance at spinning a deal!’

‘Now take the wheel! Give it a shove, round it goes once, for fortune and love.





‘Oh dear, a blank is drawn, perhaps another go? No? No.’

‘Then off you go and onward the show!’

©DJA 2018

Cover: Hyacinthe Rigaud, Portrait of Louis XIV of France

From The Rogues’ Gallery