I will honour the LORD our God,
my voice will sing His praises.
I will do this every seventh day,
As the moon goes through its phases.

This shall be my Sabbath,
One I vow to keep.
From the moment of awakening,
To when I fall asleep.

I’ll do the things we promised,
By keeping all the Law.
All of the Commandments,
Perfect and without flaw.

No other gods before the LORD.
No idols in the way.
Not take His name in vain.
Keep the Sabbath a holy day.
Honour my mother and father.
A life I will not take.
I shan’t commit adultery.
Stealing I shall forsake.
No bearing false witness, with word, deed or sign.
I shall not covet anything; anything that’s not mine.

These words I vow to religiously keep,
Every quarter of the moon.
Starting with the new one each month.
And I shall be completing the first one soon.

On the thirtieth of October,
At six-fourteen am.
A new moon rises in the sky.
And I shall make my promise then.

I promise to try and change my ways,
Once a week is how it will start.
You’ve got to take things slowly,
For them to settle in your heart.

©CMA 2016

As found in Sermons