My husband he’s a strange one.
No one knows how he ticks.
He’s clever, he’s strong, he fears nothing at all.
But Autism is in the mix.

And all of a sudden, it all goes wrong.
It all comes crashing down.
The people around you they mock and they moan.
And all who witness do frown.

You start to shut down, you quake and you shake.
And nothing within you seems right.
You’ve got the strength to destroy all in your path.
But you don’t have the power to fight.

And that’s my cue, to take control.
Hold on tight and don’t let go!
That’s a promise we made under oath.
Sixteen years ago.

I’ll hold your hand whenever you need.
You’ll never be on your own.
We fight this fight together as one.
You and I are no good alone.

As you need me, I also need you.
You protect me from life’s toils and woes.
You bring me good sense, when all has gone mad.
These are the things that no one knows.

They also don’t know how hard you work.
To act ‘normal’ so none of them frown.
The things that come natural to other folk.
Bring anxiety and panic, then meltdown.

So if he rubs you up the wrong way.
For you, I don’t have any time.
If you don’t have the patience, then neither have I.
Autism is not a crime.

 ©CMA 2016

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