Confession – I

  • I can’t stand poetry.
  • I’m too old to be playing witches and nuns.
  • I’ve been listening to Pink Floyd for over thirty years.
  • I hate the song ‘Bike‘ and always switch it off (found out lately it’s a beautiful poem and not a hateful song).

Welcome to October,
The tenth month of the year.
It’s the month that ghosts and witches,
Conjure all the things we fear.

The kids are trick or treating,
The adults good and drunk,
Pumpkins made all scary
Toffee apples for to dunk.

I’d love to meet a ghost or two,
Discuss things on my mind.
Ask them for directions
To the secrets I might find.

One spirit that springs to mind,
Is Syd Barrett, Rest in Peace.
He may be dead and buried,
But his words have not yet ceased.

I’ve been listening to his echoes,
Since I was twelve years old.
On Monday I’ll be forty six.
An admission from me, quite bold!

I’ll admit something else, since I’m ‘in the mood’.
And you might find this amusing,
I actually can’t stand poetry.
I have no idea why I can’t stop doing it!

When writing all my crap on here,
For some reason it comes out rhyming.
I know how to make the words sound,
I’m just really bad at the timing!

I’m not a real writer or poet,
I would never win that fight.
But I know that timing’s important,
If you want it to sound right.

Piper at the Gates of Dawn,
Was brought out in sixty seven.
It was named after The Wind in the Willows,
Specifically Chapter Seven.

Now Syd he wrote the lyrics,
To most of the songs on the list.
Except for Chapter 24,
This was something else that I missed.

It seems I missed a few things,
Because the words were clothed in song.
I’d missed their original meaning,
I’d been hearing it all wrong.

Because I can’t stand poetry,
I’ve been missing treasures galore.
Go read the words of your ‘heroes’.
You may see things you’ve not seen before.

Thus ends my first confession,
A few secrets I have shared.
Next time will be something important,
You’d be wise to start feeling scared.

Next month find out why I’m called Rubber Superior (you won’t be shocked at No. 1)!

©CMA 2016 (Pic: ©Demask)

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