‘Put your hands in the AIR.’

‘…and I said, DON’T stare.’

‘Yo bro, get the dough and we’ll be gone like tic-tac-toe. You there, yeah you; steal a clue. Hit the floor, don’t step to the fore; I’ll tear you down faster than a saddle-sore picador.’

‘Tone; is the safe blown? I hear a groan- Tone? Tone? Yo step away from the phone. Yeah you, Moonshine Homebrew. Where you from? Come on! Don’t sit there silent chewing on that gum. I asked you a quest-i-on.’

‘Okay, okay, no need for aggression. I’m the manager of this bank, call me Hank.’

‘Well Hank, I’ll be Frank. Fetch me all the cash you stash before I blow a fat hole in your flash mou-stache.’

‘Okay Frank, but we ain’t no Federal Bank. We’re a small branch out on a limb.’

‘Are you leaving me slim? This ain’t no church hymn , fetch the loot before I shoot. Execute. I. Am. Res-O-lute.’

‘Here’s the money, Frank. We drew a blank. The place is empty, less than twenty.’

‘Tone, why the moan? I figured you dead and down, clown. Let’s rip before things get violent-‘

‘Put your hands in the AIR; you have the right to remain silent…’

‘Don’t you dare; we ain’t going nowhere.’

Officer! Officer! Maybe I birthing a baby!’

‘Don’t worry, honey; now boys, put down the blood money and raise those hands.’

‘Oh we understands; there’s two of us and one of you. So, Mr Boy-In-Blue. What you gonna do? Perhaps you can see things from our point of view.’

‘Okay boss, I’m at a loss. But outside there’s another fifty; all packed and thrifty. So put your weapons down and don’t frown. You failed son, so please drop the gun.’



‘We’re blown.’

©DJA 2016

Cover: The Nightwatch by Rembrandt

From The Rogues’ Gallery