It’s Saturday night,

What shall we do?

It’s just the two of us,

Me and you.

Sit and watch TV?

Chuckle at what we see?

Seems a bit uninspired,

This scriptwriter should be fired!

Watch TV? Don’t talk daft,

We’ve not done that for years!

Probably why we’re behind the times,

Let’s go to the pub for some beers!

Can’t smoke anymore in the pub,

And it’s cold outside the club.

I’d yearn for the comforts of home,

A fire, fine company and a good tome.

You mean read a book?

Light a fire, have a chat?

Discover each other,

You know what, I fancy that.

Come on let’s go.

©CMA (The ravishing Rubber Superior) and DJA (The parochial Pitchforkin’) 2016



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