Escherichia coli             ESS-SIR-RISHI-YA   KO-LIE


If you think a new language is hard to grasp,

Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Since every job in food and drink,

Needs an obnoxious Certificate.


It’s called the Basic Food Hygiene,

It covers all the Regs and Laws.

It teaches how to safely do,

All your tasks and chores.


You’ll find words like Staphylococcus,

STAFF-LO-COCKUSS is its sound.

I’ll teach you a couple of others,

If you’d care to stick around.


CLOS – TRI – DI – UM is easy,

Break it into four.

When joined by BOT – U – LI – NUM

It’s a demon of a SPORE!

©CMA 2016


From the Compendium of One Hundred Word Stories