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Lancashire Rose

I’m a Witch without a Broom,

I’m a Nun without a Steeple,

I’m a Queen without a Kingdom,

I’m a Goddess without a People.


I’m a Barren Mother of Orphans,

I’m a Feast for the Famished,

I’m a Shelter for the Widows,

I’m a Saviour to the Banished.


Come in my home is yours,

I won’t see you do ’bout,

Not when I ‘av more than enough,

And you appear to have nowt.


As you can tell by my accent,

I’m not really any of the above,

I truly am a  Lancashire Rose,

And my heart is filled with love.

 © ‘our’ CMA 2016


From the Compendium of One Hundred Word Stories



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