Waves crashing

Lightning flashing,


Collision and coolness,

Winded and breathless,

Surface impact.

Clothes gulping the trespass,

Encumbered in the morass,

Down we go.

Fingers stretched to the sun,

Refraction distorts time, slowing Amun,

Sinking to the depths.

Lungs expanding with water and salt,

Despair the lonely companion of tumult,

Falling so far down below.

Resignation and the relaxation of the mind,

As the surface light fades, darkness blind,

To limbo we descend down unopposed.

Sea floor rising to catch mass, rescue defeated,

Safely touching down on the sand, mission completed.

The sea bed comfortable, made for slumber.

Heavy hearted.

From the Compendium of One Hundred Word Stories

Cover: Shutterstock