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We’re building a sanctuary, this be the blueprint…


To the latest headlines!

In The Drawing Room…

Philosophical musings and letters most mystic; non-fiction articles and matters linguistic. On… non-fiction articles and musings, Letters, all about the alphabets, The Not-So-Fine Art Gallery and Old Wives’ Tales!

In The Library…

One hundred word stories to tickle your fancy; or entire novels to succumb to fantasy! The completed novel Plateau, the ongoing follow up Evergreen and other short stories and poetry. Tall tales await!

In The Parlour…

Let the fun and games commence, for dastardly folk and foul-mouthed horse make poor recompense! A veritable Rogues’ Gallery of fictitious knaves, the Bawdy Bards poetry bar, the philosophical musings of a foul-mouthed horse and home to AFU TV – stories put to visuals!

In The Grove…

Animals and Nature as the land lies; and as seen through their very own eyes! Through the Eyes of Nature, a colourful collection of short stories.

In The Chapel…

The Church of Rubber is now in session! Pay great heed for enlightened ascension! Sermons, Holy 100 Worders and Proverbs and Quotes brought to you by our very own Rubber Nun!

In the Kitchen…

You’re in for a treat! 100 Word Recipes and perhaps something sweet!


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